A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for Ludum Dare 38, Critter has you caring for the needs of a small animal on a small world. The actions of the critter itself are beyond your control, but the power of the elements is yours to command.

Infuse the land with water and magma to forge terrains favourable to the survival of the critter and keep your little friend alive as long as possible through the changing seasons.


Click the water or the magma button at the bottom of the screen and then left click a patch of land to infuse it with that element or right click it to remove some of that element. Use the middle mouse button or the arrow keys to rotate the planet.

The critter requires food, water and sleep. In order to fulfil its requirements, you will need to create a forest, a lake and a plain. However, excessive heat in the summer and cold in the winter can destroy biomes, so protect your land by providing a cool breeze with mountains or a warmer wind from a desert!

Experiment to find combinations of elements that create each biome, build your world and keep your critter safe!


Nathan C. Addison (Design, Art & Animation)
Michael Bohea (Programming & Design)
Paul Gorman (Music & SFX)


Critter_Win (Post-Jam).zip 124 MB
Critter_Linux (Post-Jam).zip 122 MB
Critter_Mac (Post-Jam).zip 127 MB
Critter_Win (Jam Version).zip 89 MB

Install instructions

Please note, the "Jam Version" is for Ludum Dare judging only, everyone else should use one of the "Post-Jam" downloads.
Only the Windows versions have been tested--the game can take a little while to load after launching!

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